Welcome to Shadowrun Identity
Over 145 Gamemasters rebuilding the Sixth World, Stuffer Shack by Dragon CEO megacorp skyscraper!

The Campaign

Shadowrun Identity is looking for Shadowrun Returns (SRR) players like you who want to use the built-in editor to contribute to a full-length (100+ hours) community-made campaign. Our goal is to recreate the world of Shadowrun using the original pen-and-paper sourcebooks, published adventures and novels.

Each adventure in the Shadowrun Identity campaign takes place principally during a one-month time period in-game over the course of 2050s.

Please use the navigation links on the left-hand bar to browse the individual projects and sign up for the one which appeals to you the most by sending an email indicating your interest to

We have three volunteer positions available for each adventure (once you fill a role, your name/tag will appear on the Shadowrun Identity website and in the credits):

Project Lead: responsible for the initial release of the beta (est. 6 months) and the finished product (est. 12 months).

2. Map Designer: using the Editor to rebuild the world of Shadowrun, assembling the maps piece by piece "Lego-style."

3. Scripter: creating characters, writing dialog and scripting triggers.

You will have the freedom to build your adventure as you see fit while enjoying ongoing guidance, technical support and constructive feedback from Opifer, a longtime Shadowrun GM and SRR Kickstarter Backer. Hope to hear from you soon!

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